lunedì 18 maggio 2015

Interview with MATHIEU ST-PIERRE

q)Walk us through an intimate day in your life

a)On weekends I usually wake up late as I'm really not a morning person. I have breakfast and make sure to have a minimum of 2 cups of coffee before working on anything. Then, slowly in the afternoon I gather some videos I start downloading from various torrent sites. From there, I just spend the rest of the day working on various stuff at work... After dinner, this is when I really get into my glitch work, I'm not a night owl but I'm an evening person. I'd say that around 10pm I get most of my inspiration as I try to create as much as possible saving a large number of images I extract from my videos.

q) Where did you grow up/where do you live now and how does that contribute to your art? I grew up in Montreal, Canada

a)where I stayed until my 30th birthday. From there, I moved to South Korea where I currently live. I can say it was the best move I've ever done in my life (so far), living in Korea is great because I'm pretty much the only artist here working on glitch art as everyone else is focusing on more traditional for of art. Back in Montreal I think the art scene is too small and artists are struggling (even the famous local ones). Being in Asia is such a culture clash that it helps my creativity.

q) What is your earliest memory that propelled you to create?

a)Having a good assortment of video files is the most important, then some music + imported beer helps in the creative process.

q) Tell us a little bit about your creative process.

a)I generally browse the torrent sites in search of good videos that I can easily glitch. I'd say that adult files are generally more abundant and comes in a fairly large variety of codecs, which makes them interesting to work with. From there I break the files to get errors when reading and I then stack them in an editing program. After that I try to accentuate those imperfections by adding up filters in a way that is not meant to be.

q) How do you wish for your art to be perceived?

a)I like my work to be open to interpretations. Recently, a student from Sweden wrote a Master's and included my work in her thesis, I was surprised about how she perceived my art and was also interested on how she could see different things from other people who reviewed my work previously.

q) What do your internal dialogues sound like?

a)These days my internal dialogue is telling me that I'm not patient enough. I do have absolutely no patience with my computer these days since it's too slow and I also want my art to get to a higher level of recognition faster.

q) Do you feel that there are limitations to what you want to create?

a)Yes, especially these days, that's why I recently purchased a custom electronic device that distorts analog signals. I'll eventually integrate that to my workflow and see how it will go.

q) Do you feel art is vital to survival and if so, why?

a)Perhaps not to the very basic of survival but on a higher level yes. It keeps a society critical.

q) Describe a world without art.

a)A world without a soul

q) Tell us a secret, and obsession.

a)I would love to have my work displayed in a museum one day.

q) Where can people see more of your work on the internet?