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Interview with HANDIEDAN

q)Please introduce yourself.

a)In 1981 I was born in

the south part of the Netherlands. I studied photographic design at

the Academy of Arts and Design St. Joost in the Netherlands. Along the

way, I developed my skills and since 2002 I work

under the name HANDIEDAN as a Amsterdam based self-employed artist, (web)designer,

illustrator, flash

animator and


q)Where do you live and work?


q)How would you

describe your work

to someone who has

never seen it?

a)My art work is a cut

and paste mixture

of patiently composed collages on paper and

photo montages all

washed together with

the computer in an aesthetically pleasant

and intuitive playful way.

I use classic pin-ups

and other elements like

old yellowed sheet

music, old fashioned

playing cards,

Chinese papers and

stamps, old money,

elegant curls, old

wood, rusty metal

and other old stuff I

gather on the street,

flea markets or find in

old boxes on the attic.

To combine the old

images with my

hand-dawn little

girly doodles, scratches

like happenings by

purpose I try to

distort the carefully

placed elements and

makes the design lively

and create a


amalgamation of


q)How did you start

in the arts? How/when

did you realize you

were an artist?

a)Creativity skipped

my parents generation.

My grandfather, my

cousin and me were

the only ones in the

family who shared

their passion for

drawing. My

grandfather worked

as a shoe designer

in The Netherlands

and Paris and my

cousin now is a

graphic designer.

At the age of five

till eight I was

always drawing and

I loved to join my

grandfather in his

pension hobby

workshop at home.

We worked together

in the workshop in

silence for hours:

He behind his desk,

making handmade

wooden model

ships and me sitting

on the ground painting

and wondering

about the finest

details and the

patience my grandpa

works with. I liked

this so much and

felt I wanted to do

that too.

In the mean time

my 9 year older cousin

went to art school.

So he was also a

big inspiration for

me and I alway asked

him to show his

portfolio or wanted

to draw together

with him when we

visited the families

on Sundays.

At the age of 17 I

went to the Academy

of Art and Design

myself and developed

my skills

and passion

for drawing,

photography and

creating with the

computer. After

Art school I start

working as a designer

for a company for 3

days a week, but after

a year working over

there I felt like

working for myself.

I start creating free

work in the after

hours and after a

couple of years it

developed this in

the way that I can

make a living of it.

q)What are your

favorite art materials

and why?

a)My black ink pen

and normal blue

ballpoint. When

you work with

these materials

you wont be able

to retouch any line,

so it has a very

impulsive, direct

or sketchy look.

q)What/who influences

you most?

a) -Old artists like

Pablo Picasso,

Salvador Dali and Michaelangelo.

Also the French

artists are a very

important inspiration

for me. The French

artists just have a

different kind of stile

which I like very


- Collected design, illustration and all

sorts of creative

books and


- Furthermore I get

a lot of new inspiration

and energy by

traveling. The big

city with its own live,

each with different

energy, people and

culture. For example;

Berlin, Paris and

Shanghai have a

big influence on

my work. But also

the big open like

New Zealand where

you find time for

yourself and nature.

q)Describe a typical

day of art making

for you.

a)Working at my

atelier at home in Amsterdam, creating

and designing with

the computer.

Combine this with

drawing doodles

and ink sketches

on white paper and

yellowed sheet music

sitting on the ground

of my atelier. Wash

old paper and going

out on the street

collect interesting

old stuff for my mixed

media works and to

scan for using it

on the computer.

q)Do you have goals, specific things you

want to achieve with

your art or in your

career as an artist?

a)My dream is to

live from my art

and being able to

travel through my

art. So I can do the

two things I love


q)What contemporary

artists or developments

in art interest you?

a)The diversity

you find in today’s

art. Different media

all mixed together.

Very inspirational.

q)How long does it

typically take you

to finish a piece?

a)Hard to say.

Sometimes it takes

a couple of days

even to develop

a new design with

the computer,

sometimes only

one day. After I

finished designing

in the computer I

have the basis part

of my artwork and I

can start creating

mixed media works

on paper, wood and

zinc. Mostly one or

two days working

on this phase.

q)Do you enjoy

selling your pieces,

or are you

emotionally attached

to them?

a)I enjoy selling my

works. This means

that people like it

and appreciate what

I create. But it is also

hard to say goodbye

to my piece, because

I indeed get

emotionally attached

to it. But the idea that

the new owner is

very happy with it

and will able to

enjoy the work at

his private space

makes me feel good.

And it also is great

to have all the artworks spread over the

world instead of

having them all over

here in my atelier!

q)Is music important

to you? If so, what

are some things

you're listening

to now?

a)I can’t work without

music and listen to

all kind of different

music. One day I

listen to classic,

the other day electro,

and another day I

like to listen to

new never heard experimental music.


a)Collected design, illustration and all

sorts of creative

books and magazines.

And I love science

books about molecules

and stuff!

q)What theories or

beliefs do you have regarding creativity

or the creative process?

a)It is a continuously experiment with

the interaction of

different materials

and techniques,

grow and


through fascination

and curiosity and


q)What do you do

(or what do you

enjoy doing) when

you're not creating?

a)Traveling, Hanging /

going out with friends, family. Going into

town or nature.


q)Do you have any

projects or shows

coming up that you

are particularly

excited about?

a)Online solo show

at Phone Booth

Gallery in December

2009 -

Solo show at

Museum of Porn in

Art in Zürich 18.09.-15.10.2009 -

q)Do you follow contemporary art

scenes? If so, how?

What websites,

magazines, galleries do

you prefer?


q)Ask yourself a question you'd like to answer, and answer it.


q)Any advice for aspiring artists?

a)Love what you do and do what you love.

q)Where can we see

more of your work



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