martedì 7 febbraio 2012

Interview with Carolina Cleere

q)Please tell us your name and where you practice.

a)My name is Carolina Cleere and I am a visual artist living and working in an old cigar factory on the Gulf coast of Florida.

q) Why do you make art?

a)I find it cathartic because it allows me to process ideas out of my head.

q) How do you work ?

a)I usually work 12 hours a day. Sometimes longer when I'm in the zone or preparing for an upcoming show. There are many step to my process so some days I'm out gathering source material with my camera.Other days, I'm painting in the studio or working on the computer.

q) What´s your background?

a)I attended University of Minnesota and Minneapolis College of Art and Design but my process is self taught after years of discovery in the studio.

q) What role does the artist have in society?

a)Ultimately, I hope to connect with people long enough for them to pause and reflect.

q) What was a seminal experience for you ?

a)Growing up in Florida. I have moved away many times but I always return for the water, the palm trees, and warm weather.

q) Has your practice changed over time ?

a)My work has become more complex and detail oriented. I'm also more confident with my drawing skills.

q) What art do you most identify with ?

a)Frida Kahlo and Northern Renaissance.

q) What´s your strongest memory of your childhood ?

a)Sneaking in the back door of a movie theater to see the horror film Frogs where nature takes out revenge on man for abusing the environment. I was much too young to see a horror film plus the whole time I was terrified of getting caught. I was especially frightened by the content of the film because it looked so much like the bayou where I played every day. Years later I found out it was filmed less than 100 miles from our home.

q) What themes do you pursue ?

a)Lost innocence, environmental, anti-war and religious issues.

q) Describe a real life experience that inspired you.

a)I created the piece 'Fish Out of Water' because the bayou where I learned to swim as a child is now too polluted for swimming. I was questioning if this can happen in my life time what else could happen to my beloved Florida. Shortly after making this piece for the Navel Gazing exhibit at the Brevard Museum of Art, the Deep Water Horizon oil spill hit the coast of Pensacola. It's not conclusive as to why but now oyster beds in Pensacola Bay are dead. Also, red snapper are being found with mysterious lesions and a record number of dead dolphin are being discovered in the Gulf of Mexico.

q) What´s your most embarrassing moment ?

a)There are so many moments but it would have to be falling off a sailboat while approaching the dock after a race. I fell into the water and my boat crashed into the sea wall in front of dozens of spectators.

q) What jobs have you done other than being an artist ?


q) What responses have you had to your work ?

a)Last summer at a show there was someone crying, another person laughing and a third person telling me I was sick, all at the same time.

q) What do you dislike about the artworld ?

a)Too much emphasis on networking and not enough on ideas.

q) What research do you do ?

a)I just finished a piece about Napoleon which required research.

q) What is your dream project?

a)I would like to curate a political exhibition of different artists to coincide with the Republican National Convention here this fall.

q) What´s the best piece of advice you have been given ?

a)Stick to a visual format like all square and three quarter length portraits. I didn't listen though.

q) What couldn’t you do without?


q) What makes you angry?


q) What is your worst quality?

a)Guilt, If I say or even think anything bad I wake up in the middle of night feeling terrible.

q) Dogs or Cats ?


q) Making art is a lot like being on lsd. Know what I mean ?

a)No but I frequently hear, "I wonder what kind of drugs she does?"

q) What does “ copy” mean to you ?

a)If it's a copy it's not art, it's only decoration.

q) What´s your favorite cuss word ?


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