lunedì 13 dicembre 2010

Interview with Tim Enthoven

q)Who are you? Where are you from and where do you live now?

a)I am Tim Enthoven I was born in The Hague, Holland.

q)What is it that you do? What media do you use?

a)I work as an illustrator, created a graphic novel and make fine art.

For me work always starts with pen and paper. Most of the work ends up in print, some of it as books.

Lately I grew fond of doing line-etchings.

q)What do you think sets your work apart?

a)I aim to create work that is both well thought-out and well crafted. I love to spend days searching for a suitable but off-beat approach to an assignment.

For me an image may very well please the eye, or might even be slightly frivolous or witty, but should be so for a reason.

q)How long have you been showing your work for? Did you have a “big break?”

a)I graduated just this year, but I have been showing work for about two years now.

Usually I have a big break once a day around noon.

q)What are some things that have inspired you?

a)One of my main sources of inspiration is irregular and uncomfortable social interaction. I find it A.O. fairly often in daily life, in literature, in visual arts, in film and in all sorts of self help books.

Part of what I am looking for in my work is how I can stimulate irregular interaction myself.

Some people (or rather their work) that inspire me at the moment are Gilbert & George, Leanne Shapton and David Foster Wallace.

I experience visual incentives as well, though I feel unable to incorporate or make use of these influences deliberately.

q)What have you been working on recently?

a)This week I have been working on a magazine cover, I’ve been sketching for upcoming illustrations, I made preparations for publishing my graphic novel Binnenskamers and I have been working on a series of etchings.

I have also been updating a new webshop called with fresh silkscreen prints.

q)Do you listen to music while you create your work? If so, would you give some examples?

a)In the concept phase of illustration I prefer silence. However, while I draw I often listen to music.

Two weeks ago, for example, I was struck by the voice of soprano María Cristina Kiehr in a piece by Monteverdi. I completely fell for her. Last week I have been listening to a variety of her recordings. Besides that I also listened to Suede, The Jesus and May Chain and Animal Collective.

q)Do you do work in any other media? Other projects not necessarily related to your main body of work?

a)I am not sure if I have a main body of work.

q)What advice do you have for artists looking to show their work?

a)To think about what, where and why they want to show.

q)Do you have any upcoming exhibitions of your work that you can mention?

a)I like exhibitions that show work that is exclusively made for the exhibition, where the exhibition is a work in itself.

Next to assignments I try to develop the parts with which I can construct a show piece by piece.

There will be a show of ‘Binnenskamers’ during the release of my graphic novel in early summer 2011 and a show with etchings.

q)Where can people see more of your work on the internet?



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