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Interview with Zara Kand

(Courtesy ''Clair Obscur Gallery'')

q)What is your name?

a)My name is Zara Kand.

q) Where do you live and work?

a)At the moment I live and work in Long Beach, California.

q)What is your creative process like?

a)Well, it varies. Sometimes I think for a while about what to create, and even draw out sketches first before painting. Other times I get impulses and start creating right away, not knowing exactly where it will lead.

q)What is your favorite medium?

a)I started painting with acrylic, but once I discovered the magic I feel when painting with oils, I have never gone back. I like taking time to blend colors and Acrylics just dry way too fast.

q)What is your current favorite subject?

a)Within my subconscious my favorite subject remains pretty much the same, and that is the connection we all have with nature and going beyond the surface realities of society, and into our dreams and surreal thoughts. I always find a new way of expressing this, depending on what visuals influence me at the time.

(Courtesy''Clair Obscur Gallery'')
q)How long does it take for you to finish a piece?
a)Usually (if I’m not too distracted by other things) it takes me 1 ½ -2 weeks to get everything onto the canvas. Then it takes me an additional week to do all the touching up and adding of details if I need to.

q)What has been your biggest accomplishment so far?

a)Definitely coming to the realization at age 18 that instead of having to CHOOSE a career and go to college to earn a degree, I knew all along what I wanted to do with my life: BE AN ARTIST! Since then I’ve worked on many projects and collaborations, and I would say my second biggest accomplishment has been being part of a recent group art show titled “Story Book Paintings”, held in downtown Los Angeles at the Clair Obscure Gallery. It was definitely a successful show.

q)Are there any contemporary artists that you love?

a)My immediate response would be Paul Hogue, whom I know very well, because he always has original ideas and no boundaries. I’ve seen a lot of art work that I admire, but it’s hard to name other current artists that I am a FAN of, as I don’t spend as much time as I should researching and really seeking out. Something to work on!

q)Can we buy your art anywhere?

a)You can check out my website (It needs updating):

Or , which shows my latest collection of paintings.

q)Anything that people should know about that we don’t??

a)Yes, I plan on producing more & more collections of works and doing many more gallery showings with time, so stay tuned!

q)What is your best piece of advice for those who would like to rise in their level of artistry?

a)Distractions and doubting oneself are normal obstacles amongst the path of being an artist, but overcoming these by staying focused and true to your natural form of expression will always be the most rewarding thing you can do. No one else can tell you what is right for you, only you know and will really feel it when you are living up to your fullest creative potential.

q)What inspires you to keep going when the work gets frustrating or tough?

a)As I stated in the last response, there are always those obstacles, and I try to work through them. Some times when I feel blocked or drained, I challenge myself to keep going and see if I can break down that block. Other times I will allow myself to take a break and regenerate new ideas before I return to the piece.

q)How do you describe your work to those who are unfamiliar with it?

a)Surrealistic-some pieces more than others, dreamy, nature influenced, portraying interesting characters (typically humans) and their intimacy and response to their surroundings .

q)What kind of training did you have which helped you achieve your current level of artistry?

a)I did take a beginning drawing and painting class a few years ago. The rest has just been lots and lots of practice!

q)Is there a tool or material that you can’t imagine living without?

a)A surface in which to put my ideas onto. q)Who are your influences?

a)All the members of my creative family, my boyfriend, and to name a few art pioneers: Salvador Dali (of course), Frida Kahlo, Jan Svankmeyer.

q)What inspires you to create?

a)Nature, Love, seeing beauty in dark places, music, animals, surreal and absurd visuals.

(Courtesy''Clair Obscur Gallery'')
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